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The Royal Navy gave their presentation

“The Royal Navy Today and Tomorrow”

at Castell Malgwyn on the 9th June. Many of our members were present for what was a fascinating and enlightening evening.

The presentation started at  1800, when guests arrived and were welcomed with a drink.

At 1900 a multi-media presentation began, followed by a question and answer session from 1930.

At 20.00 there was an opportunity for socialising between members of the RN and the community.

Guests departed at 20.45 (in theory).

The presentation showed how the modern navy operates, from counter-narcotics to anti-terrorism and from  defence diplomacy to disaster relief, from peace-keeping through crisis management to high-intensity conflict.

The Chairman of Cardigan & District Probus Club with the

Officer leading the RN team.

If any member would like to see the magazine “BROADSHEET - A YEAR IN FOCUS” with its accompanying DVD which was handed out by the Navy, get in touch with Colin Lewis (01239 682336).