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The visit to the National Botanic Gardens was enjoyed by all; we had an interesting guided tour of the main parts of the site and the weather was unusually kind, though there was a shower in the afternoon. After the tour members were free to wander around the gardens and cafes as they chose. It was gratifying to see how much the gardens had matured and expanded since previous visits and we were left with the impression of many more visits being needed to take it all in!

The group in the Great Greenhouse at the end of the tour and before dispersing to do their own thing.

The next walk was on the 21st July. Meet at 10.30 am in the riverside car park, Cardigan (near the floating restaurant) to walk along the river to the site of the original Cardigan castle. An easy walk, mainly on the flat. An interesting walk enhanced by tea and biscuits outside the farmhouse!

  Lost on the castle mound !                                       Ready for tea & biccies!

The walk on 18th August was arranged by Arthur as follows:

Meet 10.30 at the Salutation Inn, Velindre Farchog. Walk along the Nevern valley on the old parish road from Velindre to Nevern. Easy going  and although probably a bit mucky due to the rain we are getting. Distance about 3 miles. Return by same route to Salutation. I have permission from them to park our cars there. Nice if we could then have a meal together, if we want but certainly some liquid refreshments.

The walk and lunch was enjoyed by all!

SEPTEMBER WALK.  10.30 on September 22nd.

Drive to Poppit Sands and turn left at the car park. Drive up the hill to the first road junction  (on right is a galvanized tin shed) and park here. Go right up the lane past the tin shed and bear left on to a track. Follow the track and turn left just before the farm and follow the bridle way up to the road near Gerazim Chapel. Turn right and follow the road for approx 300 metres then turn left on to a farm lane (Esgair-Draw) and follow the path, keeping to the left of the farm to a bridleway leading to Pantirion. Turn right and follow the bridleway for  150 metres then turn right on to a footpath leading downhill. Cross a stream and climb the hill to a farm (Tirion-Isaf then follow track via Clawddcam  farm to a lane turning right. Bear left  and follow another bridleway down to Manian-Fawr farm. (On the way down there are wonderful views of the estuary, Cardigan Island and the Ceredigion coastline.)  Turn left by the farm and follow a track to a bend where we turn left over a stile to join a footpath. Keep left at a path junction and follow a track to a gate by a house. Turn left and follow the field edge to a footbridge. Cross the bridge and climb a steep bank to a gate on the left of the field. Go through the gate and follow the line of farm buildings (Trecwn-Isaf) and turn sharp right to cross a stile on to a track, turn left and follow the track keeping right by a ruined chapel to rejoin the Poppit road  where the cars are parked.  The walk is fairly easy with two short steep climbs and depending on the weather maybe a bit mucky.

5 men and a dog enjoyed the walk, being diverted by a diversion and for ten minutes seeking an exit from a field we shouldn’t have been in. Altogether an interesting and enjoyable walk which ended with coffee and biscuits courtesy of Leila. Photographs will be added when released from the Censor.

OCTOBER WALK.  10.30 on OCTOBER 20th.

Drive to Poppit Sands car park and park there. Walk from the car park up the Cippyn Road to the right and turn left through a swing gate. Follow the footpath alongside the stream to the caravan park. Turn left through the gateway by the mill house and follow the footpath up to a metal swing gate and turn right. (This is the part of the walk that we did not do in September). Follow the track up the valley until arriving at a foot bridge, on the right of the track. Cross the bridge and make a short steep climb up to a field gate on the left. Go through the gateway and cross the field below the farm outbuildings, turning right alongside the buildings and up to the stile. Cross the stile and turn left to follow the track up to the Cippyn road. Turn right and go down the road past a house on the left to turn left up a farm lane. Follow the lane up to a bend and branch off right along a footpath to a stile. Cross the stile and go straight across the field to a stone stile. Go over the stile to join a bridleway down to the Poppit – Cemaes road. Turn right and follow the lane down to a white house on a sharp bend. Turn right, over a stile and follow the footpath, running parallel to the beach, on the hillside. Cross another stile and rejoin the Cippyn road back to the car park. Apart from the early steep climb quite an easy walk about 2.5 miles.  


Drive to Rosebush on the Haverfordwest Road from Cardigan. Cross the mountain and at the crossroads at the bottom of the hill turn left. Go along the road to a T junction and turn left into the village as far as the Tafarn Sinc. Park behind the tavern near the children’s playground.

Follow a track behind the terraced houses and through a gate. Turn right off the track and follow a path up to the old slate mine track and turn left. Walk past the old slate workings as far as a gate. Go through the gateway, turn right and follow the track up to a small stream running in to a pond. Turn left off the track and follow a footpath rejoining the track after a ¼ mile and turn left. Continue on along the track to a Y junction and keep left up to a gate which joins the Golden Road. Turn right and follow the path climbing up a gradual slope keeping alongside fence on the right. Where the fence turns to run uphill follow the fence up a very steep path to a stile. Cross the stile and follow the footpath up a gradual slope past two Bronze Age barrows to the summit of Foelcwncerwyn. At the summit 1760 ft above sea level (Figure ring a bell? See answer below).  Magnificent views of Pembrokeshire and on a clear day the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland, the coast of Devon – Hartland Point and Lundy Island. Pass the trig point and descend to a gate down a fairly steep slope to a path running alongside the forestry, through a boggy bit of path to another gate. Go through the gate and join a track downhill. Follow for about ¼ mile to a stile on the right and cross the stile and go downhill past a row of conifers to a creamery where they sell the most delicious cheeses. Follow the creamery lane down to join a road, turn right and walk back to Tafarn Sinc.

Degree of difficulty - some steep climbs and descents but easily managed if not rushed, very boggy in places and firm ground walking in others. One of the best walks in the County and well worth the effort. We have done it before when myself, the chairman and Mary did it in beautiful weather. Make an effort to come on this it is well worth it.  Arthur.

Answer: 1760 yards to the mile so it is a 1/3 of a mile high at the summit.

On the way up!

Got there!

APRIL WALK.  10.30 on 19th. April

This is a linear walk of around 3.5 miles. I suggest a, “car at both ends approach”. If we drive to start point and leave some cars here and then drivers share a lift in other cars to Mwnt car park. Leave other cars here to walk back to the start point before recovering the Mwnt cars.

Drive along the Cardigan to Gwbert road to the bottom of the hill where it meets the estuary. Leave some cars and drive to Mwnt.

You can see the proposed route on all the OS maps covering this area. Walk from the car park and cross road to follow the track past the café and up the hill to Clos y Graig. Keep right just below the house across a field to a track leading to Nantycroy Farm. Go through the farmyard to join a lane. Follow this lane past Ty’r yet, Hafod, Bolafron and Parc Llwyd to join the Gwbert to Mwnt  road. Turn left and go along the road to the bottom of the village. Where the road turns left, turn right past the sewage works and follow a track to Bryn Pedr. Turn left and follow a track past Felin Bedr down to Aberdare mansion. Walk past the front of the mansion to join the road, turn left to the estuary and the cars. Recover the Mwnt cars.

Not a difficult walk after a fairly steep climb up to Clos y Graig. From there it is reasonably flat to the top of Ferwig village and then down a fairly steep hill to the bottom of the village. From there it is a gradual drop down to the cars firstly on a gravel track and then a footpath.



The weather in April was shocking, about 2.5 times the average rainfall, so the walk was cancelled, and it was decided that the same walk would be attempted on the 17th May.

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