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The Committee have considered the requirements for signatories to the club bank account and have concluded that the Constitution should be changed at the next AGM.

Clause 10 requires that cheques should be signed by any two of the Treasurer, Secretary or Chairman. Since the Chairman changes every year the approved signatories have to be re-registered at the bank and since the advent of  anti-money-laundering regulations this has become a drawn-out multi-sheet affair. As a result since Ronnie Hind was in the Chair

the third signatory has not changed. In order to regularise this practice the Committee propose that Clause 10 of the Constitution should change to read

“...... and Chairman or otherwise as determined by the AGM.  Electronic Banking ....”

A proposal to this effect will be presented at the AGM for a decision by the members present.

Dated 2nd April 2010

The notice below resulted in the Constitution being changed accordingly at the 2010 AGM.

Change to the Constitution made at the 2016 AGM.

The Committee considered the make-up of the Committee and its officers and concluded that the position of Vice-Chairman Elect was superfluous and possibly counter-productive. They therefore proposed that the Constitution should be amended to remove all reference to the Vice-Chairman Elect as detailed below.

A) Delete the last sentence of Clause 5a.

B) Delete Clause 5b.

C) Change the identity letters of Clauses 5c to 5e to suit.

D) Change “six” in Clause 6 to “five”.

This proposal was approved at the AGM on 26th May, 2016