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Programme 2015 - 2016

Normal monthly meetings are held, unless otherwise stated,  at the Cliff Hotel, Gwbert, on the fourth Thursday of the month, commencing at 10 am.





25th June

Antoni Wislocki

Resurrection of Combe Down stone mines

Includes 3D tour of mines

23rd July

Derrick Howells

Model Railways

27th August

Members' Day

(Members only, no guests)

Short talks by members based on some of their experiences

Speakers : Ken Lewis, Colin Lewis, Gwynfe Jenkins, John Robertson, Geoffery Summers, Arthur Walters

17th September

Pub Lunch

Newport Sands restaurant at Newport Golf Club.

24th September

John Ambrose

"Tax, Care, and Toy Boys"

Financial planning

22nd October

John Phillips

Life in the air

Recollections of a commercial pilot.

26th November

Dan Worth

Razorbill Marine Services

Using rigid inflatables and hovercraft in Cardigan Bay

17th December

12.30 for 1 pm

Christmas Lunch

Cardigan Golf Club. Menu choices and guest numbers to Ronnie Hind (682347) by  7/12/15 please.

29th December

Christmas Drinks

Cliff Hotel. From 12 noon.

28th January


Jonathan Jones

Power Boat racing

Recollections of a former World Champion.

25th February

11.30 for 12.00

St David's Day Lunch and entertainment

Cliff Hotel. Advance booking required. Details below.

24th March

Garry Hawker

My Interesting Life

An ex-pat's experiences in Saudi Arabia

28th April



The story of a scheme to provide cancer patients and their families with assistance and advice.

26th May

AGM and lunch

See below for details

Why not try your hand at the Quiz from the St David’s lunch?

The answers can be found on the “Latest News” page.

1 Mystery object (see photo)

2 In WW2, when did food rationing start?

3 The SYRAH grape is used in French wines, but what is it called in Australia?

4 What is another name for a Speliologist?

5 In Grieg's “Peer Gynt”, pieces of music are named after Anitra, Ase and Solveig. What are they called?

6 What is a Polysemous word?

7 In WW2, a cartoon character was used to discourage waste. What was it called?

8 What English 6 letter word has no vowels?

   Bonus if you can think of an 8 letter word with no vowels.

9 What is the name of the black panther that guards Mowgli in The Jungle Book?

10 What was the name of the fighting unit formed by Col. Stirling which later became the SAS?

11 What is meant by the phrase “Blues and twos”?

12 Why was the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright given a Welsh name?

13 What would you do with a 410?

14 What is or was a Flageolet?

15 Who founded Glastonbury Abbey?

16 What is a Dead Cat Bounce?

17 What was Susannah's secret in the opera of the same name?

18 What are sexy primes?

19 Who wrote the short story on which the film “The Birds” was based?

20 What's the difference between Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Samuel Coleridge-Taylor?

21 What is the first line of “Bohemian Rhapsody”?

22 What is the meaning of Hitler's “Mein Kampf”?

23 Who was St David's mother?

24 What is the full name which is shortened to “Taxi”?

25 What is 0.0005 as a fraction?

26 What is the present name of Jabal Tariq?

27 Where can you find St David's cathedral bells?

28 Who played George VI in “The King's Speech”?

29 What is the nickname of the Australian Rugby Union team?

30 What do cruciverbalists do?


Our AGM will held this year on the 26th of May at the New Inn, Pentregat. (You can find the New Inn by going to the “Find us” page, clicking on the map and following the A487 north from Cardigan. The New Inn is shown in Satellite mode between Brynhoffnant and Pentregat) We will begin at 11.30 am prompt and lunch will be served at 12.30 pm. The cost of the two course meal (main carvery and a sweet) will be £13.90 with coffee or tea extra at £1.75 per person. Please note that the cost of the meal is payable directly to the New Inn and not the club.

Our annual subs are due at the same time with cheques made out to Cardigan & District Probus Club for £25.00.

The agenda for the AGM is as follows;-

Welcome …..Harry Kennar

Apologies…. Harry Kennar

Minutes ……Alun Rhys Williams

Matters Arising … Harry Kennar

Out-going Chairman’s Report ….Harry Kennar

Treasurer’s Report ….Bob Gibson

Election of Officers & Committee ….Harry Kennar

Official Handovers. Investing with Insignia of Office.Harry Kennar (o/g) & Phil Battison (i/c) Chairman.

Phil Battison presents Past Chairman’s Lapel Badge to Harry Kennar .

 In-coming Chairman’s responsePhil Battison

Notice of Motions …..Phil Battison

Closure of MeetingPhil Battison



Phil Battison will taking over as chairman from Harry Kennar (who becomes an ex-officio committee member). Bob Gibson has taken over the role of treasurer form Phil Battison. Robin Findlayson and Geoffery Summers are retiring from the committee and Ronnie Hind has been cop-opted in. All of the officers and ordinary committee members (apart from Robin and Geoffery) are willing to stand for re-election and are proposed by the Committee. Mike Marshall has agreed to be next year’s Vice-Chairman..

If you are willing to stand for election then please make yourself known to the committee prior to the AGM.

The Auditors are John Lewis and Griff James.

At the AGM there will be a proposal to make a change to the Constitution of the club.

The Committee have considered the make-up of the Committee and its officers and are of the opinion that the position of Vice-Chairman Elect is now superfluous and possibly counter-productive. They therefore propose that the Constitution should be amended to remove all reference to the Vice-Chairman Elect as detailed below.

A) Delete the last sentence of Clause 5a.

B) Delete Clause 5b.

C) Change the identity letters of Clauses 5c to 5e to suit.

D) Change “six” in Clause 6 to “five”.

The minutes of last years’ AGM have been circulated by e-mail and will not be read out at the AGM, so please study them carefully and if you have any matters arising please make them known at the AGM.