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Walk No. 1 Thursday 9th. April  Nevern Loop (M).  App. 3.25miles  Time: 1.5 Hours.   This space was reserved for a photograph, but Arthur thinks that we may as well use it for notes. Just don’t use Snowpake on the screen like Bill Thompson!

Walk No. 2

Sunday 3rd. May  St. Dogmaels (E) Walking Festival  App. 1.5 miles.

Walk No. 3

Thursday 14th May Poppit St. Dogmaels (E)  App. 2.25 miles Time 1 Hour +

Meet at the Webley Hotel at 10.30 am. (Map Ref: SN 158479 ).

Climb hill to left of the Hotel to a right turn to Manian Fawr farm track. Follow track through farmyard and keep left to a swing gate on the right. Go through the gate and turn left to join a grass track  for about 300 yards to a kissing gate on the right. Go through the gate and follow the path alongside the mill stream to the old mill (Now a residence). Go through a gate into the caravan park and follow the path to the right alongside the mill stream towards the beach. Cross the road through another kissing gate to the path and follow it to a footbridge into the car park. Turn right and continue to the attendant's lodge and cross the road to enter the dunes area. Turn right and follow the bridleway to a left turn followed by a right turn and proceed to a crossing place. Go straight across to a path leading to a left hand path which goes over the dunes. Turn right and follow this path to join the beach near a dunes chalet. Turn right on the beach and continue past a second chalet. Turn right to a path to meet the mill stream and cross on the stepping stones. Follow the bridleway to the left to join the main road near the Webley Hotel.

There are some very wet patches so good waterproof footwear is essential.

If required soup and a roll can be provided by the hotel and anyone wishing to do so should tell me beforehand so that the hotel is able to cater for the number.

The Best Laid Plans ...........

It was such a good idea - start and finish the walks at a pub (for the convenience of a car park, of course!).

An intrepid group accordingly left the Webley in defiance of an atrocious weather forecast and enjoyed a walk full of variety and interest.  The end was duly reached before the rain came and talk was of what sort of refreshment to imbibe. Then came the awful realisation - opening time was 6½ hours away!

Walk No. 4

Into the Unknown!

... and out again!

Walk No. 5

Thursday 9th July. Newport Sands (E)

Approx. 3 miles.

The walk, which is an easy one, commences at 10.30 on July 9th at the Newport Sands car park. We cross the golf course to meet the path along the Nevern estuary and follow it for 3/4 mile to Kingsbridge just outside Newport to cross the estuary. Features on the way include a restored limekiln and the old stepping stones, now disused, up river from Kingsbridge. We then turn right on the other side of the bridge to follow a pathway which leads to the Parrog, again alongside the river estuary. At the Parrog there is a cafe/restaurant where drinks may be obtained or for any who are members of the boat club they may use the club facilities. Afterwards we retrace our steps to the car park. The estuary is a good place to see a variety of bird life including egrets, herons, ducks and geese as well as a number of seabirds. Distance is approx. 3 miles.

Another successful walk in ideal weather, enjoyed by members, guests and dogs.

From the start to the end ... ... And from the end to the start.

This walk, on August 13th. was led by Barry Greenfield. The route : Drive to Castell Malgwyn and park at hotel.Walk the riverside path to Cilgerran and return on the same route to the hotel. A most interesting walk with much to see in terms of wildlife  and the industrial past of the riverside. The industrial past includes the remains of the tin works at Castell Malgwyn, a salmon trap weir (attacked by Rebecca during the famous riots) at the start of the walk (together with the associated ice house) and the many disused quarries and quays along the way. We found a section of old tramway rail of the type common at the time Brunel started building the broad gauge GWR (see picture). In the river we spotted a pair of otters besporting themselves and had a view of Cilgerran Castle as famously painted by Turner.

The weather was brilliant and after a dry period there was hardly any mud!

Walk No. 6

What time is the next train to Llechryd?

Walk No. 7

Barry reports :

Arthur, Mary  and I went on the Rosebush walk , plus Arthur's dog and our two pooches.

Arthur has been having a bit of leg pain recently and decided to turn back before we started the serious climb to the top. The doc seems to think he knows what the problem is and should be able to sort it out. Mary and I carried on to the top and one of our dogs tried canine bog snorkelling on the way ending up with a very muddy lower half! I've attached a couple of photos - one at a pond formed in part of the old Rosebush slate quarry site, and the other at the trig point on top just to prove we made it!

We met up again with Arthur at Rosebush and bought some cheese at Pant Mawr, followed by a welcome pint and some lunch at the Tafarn Sinc.

The walk was arranged for Thursday, 17th September, not the second Thursday as normal. The circular walk began at the car park near Tafarn Sinc and included some forestry and the highest point in Pembrokeshire (Foel Cwmcerwyn) before ending at Tafarn Sinc. The start time was 10.30 am as usual and the walk was about 3.5 miles, graded Moderate. Route is very muddy in places and waterproof footwear is essential.

We met under Priory Bridge, Cardigan, at 10.30 am on Thursday, 8th October, for a 2 mile walk through the Teifi Marsh area along the Otter Path and other routes.

To get to the start point, drive along Station Road, take the first left after the market, then the first right. (See the photo below).

The weather was kind and the intrepid octet had a good time ( see photo right). Join them next time!

Walk 8

Walk No. 9 !

Met at the Wildlife Centre car park (free at this time of year) at 10.30 am, Thursday 12th November, to walk via Forest to Cwm Plysgog (near Cilgerran Castle) and return by the river. About 3.2 miles, Easy to Moderate.

4 doughty members turned up for this walk, but since the weather was just turning from poor to atrocious they decided to retire to the cafe and put the world to rights over a cup of coffee instead! Maybe we’ll try again later!

Picture pixilated to protect the innocent.

APOLOGIES for not giving details of walk 10, which was successful. Please blame it on the after-effects of  Christmas!

WALK NO. 11.

Met at the Wildlife Centre car park at 10.30 am on Thursday 18th March. The walk was  similar to Walk 9, but returned by another path instead of the river route to avoid steps which can be dangerously slippery at this time of year. Rating - easy to moderate.

Walk No. 12

Thursday 15th April 10.30 am.

 Moylegrove and Ceibwr beach.
Met at picnic spot about 150m up road (St. Dogmaels side) from entrance to Penrallt nursery (see photo above). Walk back 25 metres to lane on left. Follow lane up to a farmhouse and turn left through the yard to a stile on the left. Cross stile and walk down a muddy track to meet a path through a very pretty valley through a couple of residences' yards to a road leading to Ceibwr Beach. Enjoy the beach and surroundings for a while before returning to the lane. Go left on the lane to the bottom of the hill then branch right to follow a path then over a footbridge and keep right to walk up the valley to join the Moylegrove road on a corner. Turn left on the road and go up hill past the entrance to Penrallt nursery back to the picnic spot. Alternatively after footbridge branch left to climb up to Penrallt nursery for tea etc. (You can also drive back, if you want, to the nursery from the picnic spot)

Walk No. 13

Meet on the road just as you get down to the bottom of the hill on the Gwbert road alongside the estuary, at 10.30 (For those not wanting the climb up to Ferwig meet at the entrance to the Golf Club at Gwbert at 11.15 to await the others coming from Ferwig). Walk back to the bottom of the hill from Cardigan at Nant y Ferwig and walk up 100 yards to a footpath marker on the left. Enter here and walk across the front of the house to join a path in front of you. Go through gate and walk up the Pilgrims Way for about 1/2 mile to a junction. Keep left here and go up through a farm yard again keep left here through a gate and across the fields to join the Ferwig to Gwbert road. Turn left and follow the road along to Gwbert to the entrance to the Golf Club. Hopefully meet up with others to enter the club grounds and walk in line with the road below you. Magnificent views from here over the Teifi estuary towards Poppit Sands. Enter a lane past a vehicle park to walk back to the cars.  (About 3 to 4 miles or 1 mile if joining at Gwbert).

This walk will be led by Barry Greenfield.

Thursday, 20th May, 2010

10.30 am

Meeting point

Proof that they got there!

Thursday 11th June. St Dogmaels District (M)

Approx 3.25 miles 1 hour 45 min.

Park in St Dogmaels car park and exit to the river. Follow Pinog path to the old warehouse and join the road. Turn left and go up the hill to a swing gate on the right. Go through and follow the path past a cottage and a house to enter a field. Follow the field edge to cross two stiles before entering a wood over a stile to the left. Follow the path through the woodland up to the road. Turn right and go along the road for 100 yards to a lane on the left. This is a bridle way; go along it up to Blaenwaun Chapel. Cross the stile into the churchyard and follow the path down to a road. Turn right along the road to a junction. Turn left and go for 50 yards to a right turn at the rear of a house and proceed up a grass path to join the Cwm Degwel high level path running parallel to the road. Go along the path past the straw house to join a road. Turn right and go down the hill to a short cut on the left to rejoin the road into the village. Turn left at the road junction and follow for 100 yards to a left turn past B V Rees’ garage and the Coach House and Mill Pond. Keep left back into High Street and the car park.

There may be some wet patches but nothing serious as long as you are properly shod.